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Our Philosophy

To provide a transparent and interactive solution in order to create an exciting, functional, and profitable environment that meets the original intent of the design and portrays that vision for efficient collorboration between critical members of the design, construction and marketing teams, and your purchaser.

3D-BIM Design

The Lamar Design Group employs Building Information Modeling software, commonly know as BIM, as our preferred design tool to promote value added digital visualization and optimization technologies to your project.

BIM brings together critical members of your AEC team to become a collaborative force to drive out inefficiencies and excess costs as the building is designed, while retaining the owner's original intent.

BIM sustainable design supports online visualization of the design, giving team members access to view its progress, make changes and add comments. The documents are protected behind a secure and unique login for the project. Team members can review and annotate the documents as necessary through Autodesk Design Review and Freewheel software. Design Review keeps all markups and measurements accessible within any model view during the review phase, and all project information is securely stored in a single database which insures that any change to the project is automatically updated throughout all documents. Make a change anywhere in the documents, and all sheets and schedules are automatically updated. Freewheel is the free web service that makes it easy for anyone to upload and open a DWF design file for interactive viewing and printing, and there is no software to download or install.

Information vital to the design, such as specific materials and vendors, location of details, and quantities required for estimating become part of the database.

BIM improves communication, increases speed, reduces costs, and provides a 3D representation of the project as it is developed.

Crows Nest Economist

Our builder services are designed to eliminate costs associated with changes by your clients by giving you the tools that easily enable them to visualize their project before construction starts. These tools are also beneficial for subcontractor bids, enabling them to easily visualize the intent of the design.

Crows Nest Owens Plan 201B BC House
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